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Turn to the name you can trust. 
Air-Dale Engineering - pioneers in evaporative cooling in South Africa since 1964!

At the heart of your evaporative cooler are the Celdek cooling pads.  This is where the "magic" of evaporative cooling takes place.  This is where the air is cooled by coming into contact with a high surface area of water.  These Celdek evaporative cooling pads will, over time, lose their cooling effect due to the build up of calcium and other dissolved solid deposits. Give your evaporative cooler a new lease on life with a replacement set of cooling pads.  Air-Dale Engineering can produce replacement pads in a wide range of sizes and thickness to replace Celdek pads on most existing evaporative coolers out in the field.  Our turn around time from placing the order to dispatching pads is the quickest in the market!  Our prices are very competitive. Get your new set of Evaporative Cooling pads to replace your existing Celdek pads now and experience your evaporative cooler working like new!

We are also able to supply evaporative cooling pads in large sizes and quantities for use in Commercial and Wet Wall applications.